Note di Siena Marroni di Toscana

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Marroni di Toscana Note di Siena

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Tuscan Chestnuts, a unique experience that envelops the senses in an embrace of authentic and refined flavours.

This prized variety of chestnuts, harvested in the green Tuscan hills, represents the perfect synthesis between tradition and quality, giving inimitable moments of taste.

Note di Siena’s Marroni di Toscana stand out for their softness and rich, enveloping flavour. They are delicately peeled and steamed, preserving all their organoleptic properties and their sweet and slightly vanilla flavour, typical of this variety.

You will be able to taste our chestnuts in purity, to appreciate all their flavour, or use them as a delicious ingredient in desserts and savory preparations. A secret touch that will enrich your recipes with a unique and distinctive flavor note.

Let yourself be won over by the soft consistency and intense flavor of our Chestnuts, a symbol of an authentic passion for genuine and refined flavours.

Each taste will become a sensorial journey, an immersion in the magical atmospheres of Tuscany, where nature and tradition blend in a dance of sensations.

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