Note di Siena 27


Note di Siena 27 – 750ml bottle



Note di Siena 27: An Irpinian Masterpiece in Every Glass

From the heart of Irpinia to the nobility of Siena, “27” by Note di Siena is more than a simple white wine; it is a symbol of union and refinement. Created and signed by Gianluca Rotondi, this wine is a tribute to his Irpinian roots and a gift to the historic city of Siena.

27: a Unique Sensory Experience:

  • Delicate and Fruity Flavour: Delicate but complex, “27” delights the palate with its intensely fruity “Notes”. A perfect balance of taste that reflects craftsmanship
    of Irpinian winemaking.
  • Straw Yellow Color: The light and sunny hue of the wine reflects its freshness and liveliness, promising a balanced and pleasant tasting experience.
  • Scent of Exotic Fruit: Shades of exotic fruit rise in a light but persistent aromatic bouquet, offering a seductive and inviting olfactory experience.
  • Balanced Alcohol Content: With an alcohol content of 12.5%, “27” by Note di Siena is perfect for accompanying special moments, balancing elegance and strength.
  • Ideal Serving Temperature: Served between 8 and 9 degrees, this wine reveals all its qualities, becoming the protagonist of every tasting.
  • Versatile pairings: 27 di Note di Siena is a perfect companion for fish dishes and aperitifs, enhancing delicate flavors with its innate elegance.

A Bridge between Irpinia and Siena:

  • Dedication to two countries: A gesture of homage and recognition, “27” by Note di Siena symbolizes Gianluca Rotondi’s love for his native land and for the city of Siena, creating a unique bond through wine.

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