Note di Siena Cantucciato


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Note di Siena Cantucciato: the sweetest memory of Siena.

Savor a unique delicacy that binds memories of Siena to an irresistible taste: the Note di Siena Cantucciato.
This dark chocolate is a delicacy that blends the intense flavor of chocolate with the authentic tradition of Sienese Cantucci. Prepared according to our chef’s traditional recipe, the Cantucci are combined with dark chocolate, creating a combination of flavors that evokes the scents and emotions of the city of Siena. Every bite of the Note di Siena Cantucciato is a journey into the culinary heritage of this wonderful city. Discover the typical flavors of Siena with our cantucciato and let yourself be carried away by the emotions that only Siena can give you

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