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“This project was born from my immense love for the city of Siena, a place that has inspired in me emotions never experienced before.

For this reason, as it happens when you love unconditionally, I wanted to give Siena a gift, tailor-made for her.

“Notes of Siena” a special tribute, strongly desired, designed to make Siena feel special, as this town makes me feel.”

I drew the whole project following the trail of emotions returning after a long time to Siena.
Nothing has been left to chance, every detail of “Note di Siena” represents a fragment of emotion, the emotion I feel every time I return here, in this magical place.

The logo is represented by the stylization of the coat of arms of the Piccolomini family, a tribute to the rich tradition and cultural heritage of Siena.

A symbol that I found within the walls of the place where, as a student, I left a piece of my heart: the cloister of the Basilica of San Francesco.

“Note di Siena” is a journey that crosses the senses, an emotional experience to celebrate the beauty and magic of the city of Siena. Each product in this collection has been designed to leave an indelible memory, that can touch the deepest strings of visitors’ souls, filling that sense of emptiness that remains when you leave this wonderful town.

“Note di Siena” is my gift to the city that, most of all, has stolen my heart. I gave her a part of me forever and I only find it again when I get back there.

My wish is to enrich my project more and more, hoping that whoever visits this city can take a little piece of Siena with him, anywhere in the world.

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