Note di Siena “Autunno” Home Fragrance


Note di Siena “Autunno” Home Fragrance

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Note di Siena “Autunno” Home Fragrance: the magic of Siena in your home

Immerse your home in the enchanting atmosphere of Siena with the Note di Siena home fragrance. This exclusive fragrance captures the unique nuances of the Tuscan city. Relax with the top notes of saffron, bergamot and galbanum, which create a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere. In the heart, Agar lego, vanilla and Turkish rose spread an enveloping sweetness, like memories of a sunset over Piazza del Campo. The amber notes and tonka in the base give a persistent harmony that transforms your home into an authentic oasis of tranquillity. Choose the Note di Siena home fragrance, treat yourself to a unique olfactory experience, an indelible memory of the magic of Siena.

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